Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015! A lot has happened. I was in a show with From Here to Her Collective, an artist activist group of all women based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was asked to join their NYC division recently and am glad to be part of a supportive network.

Some of these photos are courtesy of Mark's from SUYN Projects, a team of talented individuals working to represent new, upcoming, and veteran artists. They recently designed the cover, layout and concept for Issue#13 of Carrier Pigeon. It's one of the most beautiful issue especially with the cute illustrations by the lovely, Lauren Purje (She also illustrates for Hyperallergic and one of the most talented people I know!).

The show is on view at the Center for Arts Education for a few more weeks!

Also in other news, I made a New Years image but it didn't resonate with me so I painted another. Here's the unused version:

Unpublished Sheep 2015

Illustration Week and much more

I'm very lucky to be born, raised and living in New York City. This city never stops moving, changing, or surprising me. Illustration week kicked off with Folio society at the Society of Illustrators. On Wednesday, I attended the Big Talk, as part of the American Illustration Party, and listened to the very articulate, Sam Weber, and talented, Dan Winters. Of course, Sam did his usual thing and I watched a live episode of Your Dreams My Nightmares. 

Thursday was the big night and I want to thank everyone for such a lovely first time. Everyone was extremely talented and sweet. I was able to meet a lot of Illustrators whose work I admired and followed. Afterwards, I had a drink with the beautiful Arlene at Illustration NYC, amazing Warren Linn, witty Steve Byram, and astute Mark Kingsley. 

Yesterday was very calming. I attended the book release party for The Book of I, by Jorge Armenteros. I was invited by my dear talented friend, Stephen de Jesus Friars, who read 3 personal pieces. There was also a string quartet whom I was extremely impressed by.

Thanks everyone again for showing me such a great time. Congratulations to everyone selected for the AI 33 book! Your works are a major inspiration and motivation to keep improving my work. Also, a major congratulations to Jorge Armenteros for The Book of I.


I just got a new pentel pocket brush pen and I like the handle so far. Great for quick sketches and bold marks

It's a little scary. If Tim Allen and Bill Murray had a love child, this would be it.

It's a little scary. If Tim Allen and Bill Murray had a love child, this would be it.

I definitely need to improve the likenesses of my subject. Sorry Tim Allen! Sorry Galaxy Quest!

Fresh Start!

Here's to a fresh start on my blog! I'm no longer relying on Tumblr. Recently, I started reevaluating my work and my future. What is it that I want to do? Draw cat butts and paint botanicals.

I'll start posting odd doodles from time to time.

I'm sure Tumblr censors cat butts

I'm sure Tumblr censors cat butts